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about us

Our Mission

We all need encouragement to reach our goals. GradePayments strives to help Students connect with Sponsors in a secure environment to achieve higher academic performance through social grade funding.  


Our Story

Sometimes, the simplest questions produce the most productive results. It all started when our Mitchell D received a check in the mail (yep... snail mail!) from his grandparents for his report card. Since the check was from out of state, the bank put a hold on the check adding further delay for him to access his reward. Mitchell then uttered the question that sparked the creation of GradePayments, "Isn't there an easier way for kids to get money they earn for good grades?"  

After searching, Mithchell realized that there was not a single spot on the web that allowed students to connect with sponsors who wanted to reward them for academic achievement with full communication, verification, and tracking functions. The concept was hatched and we then began building what is now GradePayments.

News Powers Social Funding for Grade Achievement (via PR Newswire)

The Web-Based Solution Connects Students and Sponsors Through an Online Crowdfunding Portal That Promotes Social Funding for Grade Achievement in the US and Abroad. LAKELAND, Fla., March 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- GradePayments, LLC, announced today it…