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how it works

We power social funding for grade achievement. If you are looking to get paid for your good grades you are in the right spot!

Here is how it works...



Register as a student. You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to get going or just enter your email address. There is no cost to join or remain a member. 


Start a project with some basic info like your school, the classes you are taking, and the dates of your test, grading period, or semester. Tell your potential sponsors about your goal, the more info you enter the more likely you are to get sponsorship. You can even embed a video into your project to help your sponsors better understand your personal academic goals.


Select who you want to get a notification about your project like your family, friends and social network. You can use eMail, Facebook, or Twitter to send out the project. Sponsors then register, connect to your project, and enter a pledge amount. You get notification every time you add a sponsor or recieve a new pledge.


Do your best to reach your academic goals. Along the way your sponsors will send you notes of encouragement throught the system. Once you have your test result, report card, or transcript, upload it into the system for verification by our team.  


Once your grades have been verified we send a notice to your sponsors informing them that it is time to fulfill their pledge. We handle the transaction through our secure system and send you the funds you have earned from your academic achievement. 

Still have questions, visit our FAQ or send us a note on our Support page.